05 Best Video Editing Apps

I am a professional video editor, and I have used several video editing apps for my different projects. In this article, I am going to share with you the 05 best video editing apps. These editing apps are a gift for all levels of editors, whether you are a beginner or professional-level video editor. These apps will be beneficial for your creativity journey. 

There are multiple requirements for video editing, whether related to user interface, features availability, compatibility, specifications, pricing, etc. That’s why every video editing app has its own specialties and is attractive to different levels of users.

After reading this article, I am sure you will be able to choose the best video editing app that suits you and fulfils your requirements.

How to Choose a Suitable Editing App

 Choosing a suitable editing app is very important for enhancing video skills, and the best outcomes depend on your own choice. When choosing a professional video editor, one must consider some basic requirements.

When choosing any video editing app, consider the basic requirements.

  • User Interface that should be friendly and easy to understand
  • Compatibility on different devices like Android, iOS and Windows
  • When choosing any video editing app, consider the basic requirements, such as features.
  • Stocked Media Library 
  • Export Quality for best final results.

05 Best Video Editing Apps


The first of the 05 best video editing apps is CapCut, which Bytedance developed. It is one of the most commonly used editing apps, is famous for its user-friendly interface, and is considered the best video editing app for beginners. CapCut fulfils all the basic requirements required for video content and helps its users create any video content for entertainment videos or any commercial purpose. CapCut has AI power tools with multiple effects and filters that can help one make any content without extra effort. It provides the best export quality with various file formats, allowing direct sharing on multiple social platforms with export quality of up to 8K.

You get all premium versions of CapCut from our website, Capcpro.com, with all features unlocked.


KineMaster is a well-known video editor app and is most famous because of its comprehensive editing tools for mobile users, which provide a landscape interface for video editing. It offers a multiple-layer editing interface for content creation using text, video, images, stickers and multiple effects with comprehensive editing tools. KineMaster is the best editing tool for professionals because of its most advanced features and options, which empower video results professionals to achieve the best results using their Android phones. Animators most prefer KineMaster for its features tailored to animated content creators, making it not only perfect for video editing but also highly favoured.


FilmoraGo, developed by Wondershare, is used by several YouTubers for their video editing because Filmora has multiple video editing options with advanced transitions and effects. Filmora’s library of content helps the editor access copyright-free music, gifs and videos that help create quick content, especially for YouTube and Instagram stories.FilmoraGo has AI tools that allow the video creator to make the most attractive and eye-catching stuff. The FimoraGo interface is designed so beginners can easily understand it and provide advanced-level built-in functions for professional video editors.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is next on the list of 5 best video editing apps, preferred mainly by professional video editors. It provides a great experience on all devices. Still, it is primarily famous for its Desktop interface because professional video editors usually use it and prefer to use it on desktops instead of mobile. Adobe Premiere Rush gives very advanced features for audio mixing, motion graphics, etc. The best part is Adobe Premiere creates a cloud that provides easy access to its users from anywhere. Adobe Premiere Rush’s video editing capabilities are primarily utilized for commercial purposes, such as creating ads and cinematic effects, while also adding significant value to content creation for social media platforms. In short, it’s a professional video editing app for advanced-level users.


The last editing app in our article of 5 best video editing apps is In-Shot, which every user loves its creative canvas. Inshot has a collection of stickers whose count is 1000 +, generally used for meme creations and many more funny things in collaboration with AI effects. In-Shot has a user-friendly interface that allows users to create their content in just a few steps. In-Shot provides its users with stunning effects that give a new look to content because every video editing process is straightforward and controlled by its users. It can convert imagination into an incredible outcome that everybody loves.


The choice of any video editing app depends on your requirements and level of editing. From these 05 best video editing apps, you can choose the best suits you for editing skills, whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level video editor. You may also explore the Pros and Cons of CapCut vs Filmora and CapCut vs Kinemaster.